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IT Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

Elevate your business with Kew Solutions premium IT Managed Services via our Annual Maintenance Contracts (IT AMC). We go beyond conventional support, ensuring your business receives timely assistance, all covered by SLAs at a fixed monthly cost.

In the dynamic landscape of technology, the tools powering your operations, communication, and service delivery are integral to your business's success. Our tailor made IT annual maintenance contracts offer you more than just peace of mind; they provide a dedicated team of professional, experienced, and certified engineers, who tirelessly monitor your systems 24/7. This vigilance not only safeguards your invaluable data but also maximises your staff's productivity.

Our annual maintenance contracts empower our team to proactively monitor your computers, servers, and networks around the clock. By identifying potential issues before they lead to downtime, we save you both time and money. Every computer in your office will be equipped with our management software, establishing a secure and encrypted connection to your systems. This enables us to provide swift and efficient support while actively monitoring your network, implementing monthly system updates and reviews, and ensuring ongoing maintenance, updates, and upgrades. Trust Kew Solutions to fortify your IT infrastructure and drive your business towards sustained efficiency and success.


IT Managed Services

Our all-inclusive IT Managed Services solution is specifically tailored towards SMEs, offering maximum security and minimum downtime. Our proactive measures, support and consultancy services are focussed on maximising the efficiency of all your available IT resources.

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