Kew Solutions Online Backup provides powerful, reliable and secure offsite data backup for businesses.

Whether through hardware failure, human error, fire, theft or accidental damage, data loss can have catastrophic effects. Imagine the impact on your business if you were to lose all your company accounts, sales records, correspondence, customer records and emails.

Our online data backup solutions provide you with the peace of mind that, in the event of data loss, your data is fully backed up.

Kew Solutions backup can be installed on any operating system including Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOSX, BSD and UNIX. No other software is required to run. There is no need to configure any web, database, or FTP server. Everything required to run Kew Solutions backup is included and gets configured by one of our trained engineers.


While HTTPS ensures a secure communication channel, encryption prevents unauthorized access to the files once they are copied on the server. Kew Solutions Backup uses strong AES encryption to protect files, which can only be accessed with a password key.


Automatically maintain multiple versions of a backed up file on the server. Previous versions are stored as file-deltas reducing the disk usage to a minimum while providing the ability to restore any older version.

Incremental backup

Kew Solutions Backup copies the part of file that is different between source and
target allowing Kew Solutions to backup gigabytes of data every day without sacrificing network bandwidth.


Kew Solutions Backup uses smart-compression, which compresses data before sending them over the network. In cases where compression has no or very little effect on the file size, Kew Solutions Backup saves CPU cycles by transferring the files as-is. For example, a 10MB MP3 file won’t benefit from compression whereas a 10MB Text file can be easily reduced to less than 1 MB with compression.


Kew Solutions Backup is seamlessly integrated with Windows Scheduler on Windows operating system, with launched on Mac OS X and with cron on Linux.

Email notifications /Monitoring

A backup log is sent via email to Kew Solutions support containing a list of files that were backed up enabling us to monitor your protection.