“Seven years ago we embarked upon the start-up of our firm. We sought a highly knowledgeable IT partner who we could depend upon to build and support a solution for our company.

Quite without exception in my 22 years in this business Rob Kew, and by extension his team at Kew Solutions are peerless its sphere of IT support for leading recruitment companies. Kew Solutions’ are trustworthy and highly knowledgeable.

Their customer service is excellent and the team responds with lightning speed to requests to support Figtree Search. Kew Solutions truly is a 24/7, 365 business relationship – where my staff and I can access support Night and Day, even if it is outside their normal service offering.

The firm has been extremely honest by recommending technology that improves our firm’s performance, we trust their judgment and highly value our relationship with the firm.”

Kew Solutions | Fast, professional IT consultancy & support - Russell Clarke, Partner, Figtree SearchRussell Clarke, Partner, Figtree Search